We support children in our region

We support children in our region

In 2019, we had the privilege of becoming co-founders of the charity korunka VELKÉ LOSINY, which aims to support sick, handicapped and abandoned children, or socially weak families in the Olomouc region. It follows the more than fifteen-year history of the charity KORUNKA LUHAČOVICE, which similarly helps in the Zlín Region and has already distributed more than CZK 10 million to children and families during its existence.

More information about the founding of the association KORUNKA VELKÉ LOSINY can be found in the attached press release.

Several times a year, KORUNKA organizes fundraisers in both the Zlín and Olomouc regions. Proceeds and donations are always distributed among sick and handicapped children, socially weak families. They try to help both specific families and children in homes or infant centers, some of the events also support the elderly.

An important feature of crown’s action is its transparency, because money or donations in kind are transmitted directly during charity events. People who have contributed in any way, even just by buying a ticket, immediately know where the money went and what was purchased for it. Pediatricians and other professionals, including social unions, help in the selection of crown recipients, so donations always reach families who really need it.

More information about KORUNKA’s activities can be found at www.korunkapomaha.cz.