Cultural life at Bludov Castle

Cultural life at Bludov Castle

Take a look at the social life of the castle and its inhabitants. We are happy to prepare concerts and other interesting cultural meetings for you.

August 2020 | Remembrance Day

To mark the 170th anniversary of the birth of Karel Emanuel Žerotín, we held a memorial service. It included a Mass in the Church of Bludov, an annotated tour of the Žerotín tomb, a historical lecture by prof. Phdr. Stanislav Balík, Ph.D., and a musical concert by the Hrochovi couple.

October 2019 | Interview for The Magic of the Forest Project

The interview focuses on the current situation of our forest and the way we care for it.

July 2018 | Monastic Music Festival 2018

Family friend Bára Basiková performed on the tenth anniversary of the music festivals at the castle.

May 2018 | Writing by Miroslav Mack

In May we also listened to the reading of Mr. Miroslav Mack, author of the 2017 novel bestseller Saturnin returns.

May 2018 | Play Devil against God

In the courtyard of the castle took place the premiere of a theatre performance on the theme of the infamous Inquisition processes from the 17th century.

January 2017 | The first of commemorative coins

We participated in the baptism of commemorative coins “Aristocratic House of Lords of Žerotín”. Every year, the Czech Mint represents one of the important Czech and Moravian families.

September 2015 | Žerotín festivals

Žerotín festivals at the chateau in Bludov or the celebration of the fencing association Lords of Bludov, takes place once every 5 years.

August 2015 | Rally of automotive veterans

In August there was a competition of automobile and motorcycle veterans “Eskymo Welzla Grand Prix” and the premises in front of our castle were one of their stops.

June 2015 | Meeting of seniors

We welcomed seniors from Bludov and the surrounding area to the castle.

2014 | Visit to Czech Television

This year a nice czech tv report was created at the castle for the show Our Countryside. We also like its subtitle: “The castle master, who inhabits an aristocratic country mansion, the motif is rather fairytale, but in Bludov it is a reality.” 

December 2013 | Policeman of the Year Awards Announcement

This December, the annual Best Policeman of the Year awards of the Šumperk District were handed out at the chateau in Bludov.

October 2013 | Cardinal Wolf in Bludov

Cardinal Vlk visited the Stradov parish to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the ordactation of the church in Bludov.

March 2013| Concession of Pavel Šporcl

As a gift for our 75th birthday, we gave our father a concert by violinist Pavel Šporcl.

April 2012 | Baroque Opera

The Olomouc ensemble Ensemble Damian and its Baroque opera gave us an amazing experience.

September 2011 | General Capitulation

We had the honor of hosting the General Surrender and Investiture of the Military and Hospital Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. The investment was chaired by Bishop František V. Lobkowicz, spiritual prior of the Czech Grand Priory.

September 2011 | Concert by Václav Hudecček

Beautiful classical music compositions were performed in the concert hall, where camerata Moravia Olomouc performed together with Václav Hudecček.